Dominique Lacerte and Thomas Brennan

Case No.: 1133076    

Nature of Proceedings: Motion Disqualification of Counsel/Recusal of Mediator
This matter was last on my calendar on 8/11/09. I reviewed a great amount of material and reached some conclusions. I wrote an extensive memorandum explaining my conclusions. Among other things considered at that time was mother’s request to disqualify the mediator.
Summary of this motion

This matter came on pursuant to an ex parte motion filed on November 9 when mother sought immediate relief and requested: (1) recusal of the recommending mediator; (2) recusal of opposing counsel; or (3) in the alternative staying the recommending mediation and setting hearing on the motion for recusal of both the mediator and opposing counsel so as to allow for discovery and appointment of a special master.

The ex parte requests were denied and time was shortened so the matter could come on for hearing on November 24.
Mother contends in her moving papers that she discov........