Peoples’ Self-Help Housing Corporation vs Superior Millwork of SB, Inc.

Case No.: 19CV00823    

Nature of Proceedings: Motion to Compel

Tentative Ruling:

Following entry of an aggregate judgment in the amount of $423,233 against defendant Superior, plaintiff propounded post-judgment interrogatories and a demand for production of documents, in order to seek financial information that would aid in the enforcement of judgment. Superior failed to respond, and provided a series reasons why responses would be delayed. On October 30, 2020, plaintiff moved to compel defendant to provide responses, without objection, and to impose sanctions of $2,280 against defendant. Superior filed a response to the motion, in which he simply attaches responses to the discovery which it contends were sent to plaintiff on October 30, 2020.

While the adequacy of defendant’s belated responses is not at issue in this motion, the Court notes that neither of the responses is verified. Unverified responses are ineffective, and are the equivalent to no response at........