In The Matter of Kalu Lupion Monlleo

Case No.: 56-2020-00544560-PR-LP-OXN    

Appoint PD as counsel for proposed conservatee.

Petitioner failed to give notice to Tri-Counties. (Probate Code §1822(e).) Not filed as of 10/23/2020.

No limited powers are requested.

The Capacity Declaration not completed at #3.a. – the declaration is incomplete at #3.a as to if Jolie Macrito is a CA licensed physician or psychologist acting within the scope of her license.

Continue for Tri-Counties report and an amended Capacity Declaration.

Proposed Order to be lodged prior to hearing per Local Rule 10.00.D.1. __________________

The court discourages in-person appearances in Department J6 during the COVID-19 pandemic period. Appearances in Department J6 should be made by CourtCall (audio or video) whenever possible. A very limited number of people will be allowed in Department J6 at one time to comply with safety protocols. Face coverings (masks, etc.) are required at all times to enter the cou........