In the Matter of Raymond Joseph Morabito

Case No.: 56-2020-00545312-PR-PW-OXN    

As of 10/25/20, no proof of publication has been filed. Notice of hearing was not sent to Tracy Havens, Joanna Fox, and Emma Fox, who are named in the will. Declarations of due diligence are needed for such persons if they cannot be located. (C.R.C. 7.52.)

Paragraph 5.a(3) or (4) of the petition is not completed. Petitioner is directed to file a verified supplement that answers ¶ 5.a(3) or (4).

Subject to the foregoing, grant. Appoint Petitioner Kelly Morabito as the executor of the estate, with full IAEA powers. Admit to probate the will dated 6/8/16. The will waives bond.

Proposed Order to be lodged prior to hearing per Local Rule 10.00.D.1. __________________

The court discourages in-person appearances in Department J6 during the COVID-19 pandemic period. Appearances in Department J6 should be made by CourtCall (audio or video) whenever possible. A very limited number of people will be allowed in Department J6 at one time........